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Following the success of the UK Urban League and the growing number of urban races in the UK, this site aims to promote and record the East Midlands Urban League (EMUL). A Facebook page promoting the National League can be found at UK Urban League

The aim of the East Midlands Urban League is to further develop urban orienteering events in the region by bringing together 6 or more suitable events under its umbrella each year and provide EMOA members with formalised competition to supplement the more traditional and well established regional league of cross-country events.

The following 8 events have been selected for the East Midlands Urban League 2019:

  • EMUL 1 Monday 1 January: Markeaton Park (DVO)
  • EMUL 2 Sunday 12 May: Clifton (NOC)
  • EMUL 3 Sunday 16 June: Allestree (DVO)
  • EMUL 4 Sunday 23 June: Witham St Hugh’s (LOG) (also EMOA Sprint Champs)
  • EMUL 5 Sunday 18 August: Lincoln City (LOG) (also part of the UKOL and UKUL 2019 & Race the Yorkshire Castles series)
  • EMUL 6 Sunday 29 September: Retford (NOC)
  • EMUL 7 Sunday 13 October: Ashby (LEI)
  • EMUL 8 Sunday 24 November: Nottingham Uni & Highfields (NOC)

Prizes for the 2019 series will be awarded at the DVO Wirksworth event on 1st January 2020.

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