2017 League Standings

Current league scores here.

The 2017 class winners and contenders with one race remaining are as follows:

Men’s Junior: Either Jake O’Donnell (DVO) or Charlie Rennie (LEI)

Women’s Junior: A four way race between sisters, Rachel & Sarah Duckworth (DVO), Hannah Mather (LOG) and Sophie Vincent (DVO)

Men’s Open: Still wide open, with a number of contenders: Andy Glover (LEI); Craig Lucas (LOG); Alan Le Moigne (DVO); Will Parkinson (NOC); Richard Robinson (NOC); Liam Harrington (LOG); Lee Hartill (LOG) & John Mather (LOG)

Women’s Open: Sal Chaffey (DVO) or Liz Heaton (LEI)

Men’s Veteran: Francesco Lari (NOC) (also 2016 & 2013 champion) will claim the title, as Paul Murgatroyd, the only one who could catch him, will not be at the final event

Women’s Veteran: Tanya Taylor (LOG) (also 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 champion) has the maximum points and cannot be caught

Men’s Superveteran: Andrew Ridgway (NOC) cannot be caught and claims his maiden EMUL title

Women’s Superveteran: Amanda Roberts (LOG) (also champion in 2012) has the maximum points and cannot be caught, claiming her first EMUL title

Men’s Ultraveteran: Doug Dickinson (DVO) (also 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 champion) retains the title, remaining unbeaten since the inception of the EMUL in 2012

Women’s Ultraveteran: Liz Godfree (DVO) (also 2016 and 2014 WSV champion) takes her first WUV title, having the maximum points possible

Class winners will receive their award at the DVO Buxton event on 1st January 2018.